Land Rover Defender Celebrated

Last month, Land Rover held a bittersweet celebration for current and former employees of their Solihull, UK plant, to celebrate the last ever Land Rover Defender being built.  Previously known as the Series Land Rover, the Land Rover Defender was christened in 1990, but in its various forms was built at the plant for 68 straight years.  But the moment had come to say goodbye, and Land Rover took the time to honor the hardworking employees who created this beloved vehicle, and celebrate its history.  Attendees at the celebration had a chance to see, and even drive, some of the most iconic vehicles in Land Rover history before bidding farewell to the Land Rover Defender as we know it.

But this goodbye wasn’t all doom and gloom – there are plans to introduce a new Land Rover SUV, with engineers already working on a design.  And the Solihull plant site will soon be home to the Heritage Restoration Programme from Land Rover.  Some of the most long-service employees who worked on the Land Rover Defender will work with other experts to restore old Series Land Rover SUVs found around the world.  The first of these restored classics will go on sale this summer, giving serious fans of the brand a chance to experience history. 

Just as with their Heritage Series vehicles, the farewell to the Land Rover Defender and introduction of the Heritage Restoration Programme was both an honoring of the past and a celebration of the future.  It just goes to show that if there’s a car company that will take both history and self-improvement seriously, it’s Land Rover.  Akron, Canton, and other Solon area drivers can visit Land Rover Solon any time to see the amazing results of this respect for history and dedication to the future.

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