Land Rover BAR “Tech Deck” Hosts a Royal Visitor

Portsmouth has a long and storied history in England, but even in modern times, it's still home to some of the U.K.'s treasures - like the Land Rover BAR, Britain's challenger for the America's Cup.  The Land Rover BAR team are working hard to achieve the unprecedented feat of bringing the America's Cup to the Britain.  But even more importantly, they are working to educate and inspire young people around the country, and the most recent way they're doing that is by opening the "Tech Deck" Education Centre in Portsmouth.

The "Tech Deck" will give visitors, particularly young people, a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of Britain’s America's Cup challenger.  The "Tech Deck" offers hands-on and interactive exhibits for visitors, and covers the boats, the team, the technologies, and of course, the goal of winning the America's Cup.  Not only does this Education Centre help connect kids with the sea and sailing, it also helps build interest and important skills in STEM that will help kids succeed in school and beyond.  The "Tech Deck" also recently welcomed a very special guest - Her Majesty the Duchess of Cambridge.  Or as we Americans usually refer to her, Kate Middleton!  The Duchess led an educational program, trained with the team, and lent her support to the new Education Centre.

We know you don't come talk to your local Land Rover dealers to hear about boats and princesses, but you do come to get the best in technology and engineering.  And the Land Rover BAR and the "Tech Deck" Education Centre are not only great examples of the versatility of Land Rover engineering, but of the company's dedication to giving back.  To learn more about what their expertise can bring to you, visit us today at Land Rover Solon.  Canton, Cleveland, and Akron drivers will be able to see for themselves what the Land Rover devotion to science, engineering, and education brings to their unique and remarkable SUVs.  

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