Land Rover Study Finds Best Environment for Creative Thought

Land Rover teamed up with the institute of Directors to survey global executives and find out more about how, and where, they do their creative thinking.  The study surveyed over 900 executives and assessed what the best environment was for them to come up with creative ideas.  84 percent felt that their environment was an important factor in creative thinking, and some of the most commonly cited factors in that environment were natural light, the absence of noise, and comfortable seating.  Other factors included fresh air and a feeling of space.  Since one in ten of the executives surveyed spend over 25 percent of the work week in their car, and one in five of them had their best ideas in the car, it's easy to see how these results are applicable to Land Rover.

Land Rover vehicles are already widely used by senior executives like those surveyed, and the manufacturer has worked hard to create a comfortable environment conducive to work or thought, particularly in their Range Rover models.  The interior architecture of the cars is created logically to give a sense of order, and it promotes a sense of serenity in the vehicle.  The luxurious and comfortable interior is separated from the outside world to create a calm oasis, while still allowing drivers a chance to see outside and take in the sights and natural light around them.   Even if you're not a top executive looking to come up with your next big idea in the car, it's easy to see why anyone would want a Land Rover experience during their commute.  So whether you're looking for a top of the line Range Rover Evoque or are curious about Land Rover lease specials, Canton, Akron, and other Cleveland area drivers can find the perfect environment for creative thought in one of the models we have here at Land Rover Solon.  

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