Parts and Service at Land Rover Solon

Here at your Cleveland area Land Rover dealership, we talk a lot about why a Land Rover is a great choice for you to buy, and we certainly think we have some of the best Land Rover dealers in Ohio.  But we have even more to offer than great cars and fantastic dealers - we also have the parts and service department to keep your Land Rover in peak condition once you make the purchase. 

The Land Rover Solon Parts Department is your one-stop shop for anything your vehicle needs.  Since we specialize in Land Rover models, our inventory is highly comprehensive and we're likely to have the part you need on hand.  And if we don't, we'll have it ordered and in the shop for you before you know it.  But we don't just have the parts, we also have the qualified and highly trained technicians who can put them in for you.  Our service department can do everything from changing your oil to changing your brakes, and while they specialize in the Land Rover vehicles that we sell, they can handle any make or model you want to bring in.  Our service department also regularly offers specials based on what we expect drivers to need at the time.  This winter, we've offered a winter detail special, an anti-freeze special, and a pot hole special to help your car deal with the weather.  And now that spring is here, you'll find new specials soon on our website to help you get the most out of your Land Rover in the new season. 

Here at Land Rover Solon, we're committed to selling the highest quality vehicles, and helping them maintain that quality long term.  Our commitment to our customers doesn't end when they drive off the lot - we'll be here for the whole life of your Land Rover Discovery or Range Rover.  Cleveland area drivers can find outstanding cars with outstanding service to back them up right here at Land Rover Solon.  

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