Land Rover Helps Support Elephant Conservation

Here at your Cleveland area Land Rover dealership, we know that one of the best parts about the vehicles we sell is their capacity for outdoor exploration.  And we're not the only ones who think so - when many drivers imagine a trip on a mountainous trail or a safari in Africa, they imagine themselves in a Land Rover.  And the Land Rover company is dedicated to the outdoors, not just by creating vehicles capable of exciting adventures, but by supporting organizations that protect the world's wildlife.  That's why they have partnered with the Born Free Foundation for over ten years, and are working with them now on a unique project.

The "Remembering the Elephants" project is working to protect elephants from poaching.  The Born Free Foundation has partnered with some of the world's best wildlife photographers to create a striking book featuring images of Africa's elephants.  The images will be featured in an art show, and the proceeds from the book sales will be used to fund educational and anti-poaching programs.  Land Rover is supporting the project, and will be sponsoring the Remembering the Elephants exhibit in London this September.  Experiential Marketing Director of the company Mark Cameron expressed his admiration for the project, saying "this incredible project allows us to further cement our commitment to supporting the Foundation in their tireless fight against poachers and the protection of elephants...It is a project that Land Rover is proud to be a part of."

There are a lot of reasons we're proud to be part of the Land Rover family, and their support for our world's wildlife is certainly one of them.  If you're ready to go on your own wild adventure, there's no better way to do it than in a new Land Rover or Range Rover.  Cleveland area drivers can find a great car, a great manufacturer, and a great buying experience right here at Land Rover Solon.   

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