2017 Range Rover Evoque Steps It Up

The Range Rover Evoque has a brief but storied history of excellence and popularity.  In fact, the model has done so well in the five years since it initially burst onto the car scene that over 520,000 have been sold worldwide.  To celebrate this history and success, Land Rover automakers have announced that they are creating one of the best versions of the Range Rover Evoque yet, and that some lucky drivers will be able to buy this limited edition model over the summer.

The 2017 Range Rover Evoque Ember Limited Edition will only be available for a three month period this summer, so excited drivers should be ready to order right away when it goes on the market.  This model will feature more technology, a unique design, and innovative updates.  In response to customer feedback, all new Range Rover Evoque models will include better connectivity and more cutting edge technology, like the InControl Touch Pro infotainment system, which uses a large tablet-like screen to allow drivers to look at street view maps, customize their home screen with the features they use most, and more.  And drivers who order the 2017 Range Rover Evoque Ember Limited Edition will get a style upgrade along with this great new technology.  The Ember edition features a striking red and black aesthetic, including elements such as a red roof, black alloy wheels and grille, and black seats with red stitching inside. 

With a powerful, eye-catching aesthetic, new technology, and the usual Range Rover Evoque excellence, this Ember Limited Edition promises to be an exciting new ride for drivers everywhere. If the bold exterior of the Ember Limited Edition isn't for you, you can still find technology features, comfort, and style in any new Range Rover Evoque.  So this summer, take the plunge into the luxury, power, and excitement you deserve by talking to one of our expert Land Rover dealers.  Canton, Akron, and Cleveland, OH drivers can find out what makes any edition of the Range Rover Evoque special right here at Land Rover Solon.  

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