Drivers Going Old School with Land Rover Classic

This April, Land Rover launched their "Reborn" initiative, aimed at their most loyal and devoted fans, which gives drivers passionate about Land Rover a chance to experience the history of the brand.  Thanks to the Reborn initiative, drivers will have the opportunity to buy one of a very limited run of factory restored models from the brand's Series I.  Land Rover Classic created the Reborn initiative to not only showcase their restoration and maintenance expertise, but also to allow customers a once in a lifetime opportunity to own an iconic part of automotive history.

The initiative will give drivers a chance to buy one of only 25 fully factory restored Land Rover models.  Each model is carefully restored using original specs and Land Rover Classic Parts. The original 1948 specifications will ensure that each restored model is as close as possible to its original form and parts. The lucky drivers who get these unique models will even have the opportunity to pick which of five classic, period-appropriate finishes to use for their vehicle: light green, bronze green, RAF blue, dove grey, or poppy red. 

While here in Solon we're not likely to be seeing one of these rare restored models, we can appreciate the Land Rover brand's commitment to their history as well as their future.  It's this dedication to combining the past with the best of modern technology that allows them to create incredible models like the beloved 2016 Land Rover Discovery and the luxurious 2016 Range Rover Evoque.  Cleveland area drivers don't need a restored classic to see the results of the Land Rover dedication and expertise.  They just need to visit us at Land Rover Solon to see what happens when the past meets the future.   

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